Born 1974 in Bonn, I gained my first experience with human-machine interaction at the age of 9 with a Commodore 64, followed by an Amiga 500 and a discarded Apple Macintosh, on which I coded my first website in 1994.
Around 1984 on my first computer
Being stranded in Berlin in 1995, I was involved in various renowned event and digital art projects and graduated as Multimedia Producer from a private technology college with diploma in 1999. I started to work as Digital Product and Interaction Designer for small businesses and start-ups.
I got involved with the hackerspace c-base, who’s purpose is to increase knowledge and skills pertaining to computer software, hardware and data networks and was later elected as Spokesman of the Associations Board.
Through close connections to the Chaos Computer Club Berlin, I became team member of all three interactive installations of Project Blinkenlights in Berlin, Paris and Toronto and contributed to their implementation to transform skyscraper facades into computer displays that could be publicly controlled via call-in with common mobile phones.
During an interview with arte TV 2001
While working for companies with new business models for the now growing commercial world wide web, that all established well in the early 2000s, I constantly exchanged ideas with international design teams, technicians and programmers to co-develop user-centered design approaches and best practices for various interaction and usability tasks, especially how to solve and avoid user experience problems to increase the digital products impact.
What is today called User Experience Design is finally being taken seriously by large companies and the public sector, because it has shown over the years that human-centred design significantly improves the achievement of business goals and customer loyalty.
In a world that's becoming increasingly complex, the need for simplicity is growing. Design makes sense.
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