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Illuminating Parisian nights
With 520 recorded windows (20 floors with 26 windows each) and a total illuminated area of 3,370 m², Arcade was one of the largest interactive light installations of all time.

Project Blinkenlights Arcade Documentation Video

Media Coverage / Nuit Blanche 
Many different media outlets around the world covered the new installation, resulting in a record number of animation submissions. The Mini car brand streamed a live video of the house on the internet from dusk via a container on the other side of the Seine.

TV report of arte tv

TV report of BBC World

On the last night of the installation, a party was held around the container in time for the Nuit Blanche. VJs streamed their sets live via a directional antenna, making Arcade the largest illumination of a dance floor ever made.
Arcade was awarded the audience prize at the 1st Nuit Blanche in Paris.

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