Client  Lignum Holding​​​​​​​
Investment in Sustainable Raw Material
Lignum Holding made it possible for its customers to invest in the sustainable raw material precious wood. For this purpose, there were various combinable asset building blocks of the nobilis brand, which differed in investment form and term. In this way, it was possible for investors to conclude individual contracts that were based on a variable, modular system and were part of the holding's sustainable, closed product chain.​​​​​​​
Interactive Information Interface
The interface was designed in such a way that sales staff could use a tablet PC to illustrate the module system of the tangible asset investment to the customer. Through the settings of the infographics made together with the customer, specifying the planned financial investment, the settings regarding term and profit forecasts were automatically adjusted, so that the investor received absolute transparency about the contract settings.
In this way, the conclusion of the contract became a visual experience for the investor, which showed him the effects of his decisions live. It was possible to seal the agreements digitally or via a generated PDF with signature.
Feel the value
In addition to the digital experience, laser-fired cubes made from the precious wood that were provided for investment. The haptic experience of the surface quality and the different weights of the cubes gave the investor a physical impression of the worth of the woods.

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