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Most affordable health insurance company in Germany
High quality coupled with economic management: with more than 750,000 insured persons (of which over 600,000 are contributing members), 23 branch offices and 2,100 service points, hkk is one of the large statutory health insurance funds.
In 2021, the hkk was the most affordable health insurance company in Germany for the seventh time in a row. The extra services also exceed the industry average: among other things, the hkk reimburses additional services in the areas of natural medicine, preventive care and pregnancy. In addition, the hkk bonus programme promotes health activities. For further health protection, hkk customers receive private supplementary offers from the LVM insurance company at special conditions.
New Design, New Concept, New Strategy
The website of the hkk health insurance company was redesigned from scratch and the strategy was rebalanced. The employees were trained in user-centred design and the content was optimised with this in mind.
Customisable newsletters were part of the relaunch, as was an easy-to-use form for policyholders to switch to hkk. The insured person should not only be in the foreground in terms of insurance services, but also online, and the offers were adapted to his or her needs.

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