Client  Lignum Holding​​​​​​​
Custom Furniture made of Wood
The ViVum furniture brand was suspended in the overall concept of Lignum Holding. All kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture could be produced from the wooden construction system, which was based on European precious woods that were ecologically reforested in Bulgaria.​​​​​​​
First „hi!“ on mobile
In order to place the brand on the market, a suitable corporate design was developed, the use of which in the digital space was envisaged from the very beginning.
The goal was to make ordering custom-made furniture via smartphone or tablet computer as easy as possible. It all started with an MVP.
MVP-website for promotional functions
Product catalogue
A double page of the product catalogue was given fixed units, reduced to a minimum, which ensured a consistent customer experience for each individual product and each media. 

Print Advertising
In order for the brand to gain a foothold in a solvent target group, double-page advertisements were placed in selected trade magazines, presenting the use of the furniture both indoors and outdoors.

more stuff done

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