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A Teamwork of Doers
The pharmacology company Moderna needed a campaign concept for doctors and pharmacists in a very short time in order to increase the market placement of its new bivalent COVID-19 mRNA vaccine compared to the competitor in Germany.

For this purpose, interviews with the target group from another assignment were used to clearly outline the usage scenario. Three visual concepts were presented to an advisory board, whereby a visually very loud language was clearly chosen in order to also stand out more visually from the competitors.
All Advantages of Rapid Prototyping
On this basis, a concept was developed that should quickly bring the targeted recipients into a practical, digital communication. One hurdle was the German Drug Advertising Act, which only allows specialist information on the internet for verified experts.

Thus, a strong pull factor had to be created that prompted the medical professionals to login on the website via their existing
DocCheck© account in order to access the practice information. 
In order to ensure quick approval rounds during the campaign development, a prototype with real content was built from the beginning, which in turn was created visually in line with Moderna's existing design system. In the course of finalising the information offered, a colour and visual language of its own developed, which is clearly oriented towards the actual needs - both promotional and functional.
Focus on Useful Content
The content is clearly presented for the target group, quickly accessible and offers real added value for work in practice. For example, all information is easy to grasp and logically arranged via the display size of a smartphone. The latest results of ongoing studies or information on storage and application can be viewed in a clearly arranged manner.
Very clear KPIs and measurement points for tracking have been established to continuously improve the user experience based on the data collected.
The Scientific eService (newsletter) is used to highlight changes and updates, especially with regard to new research results and licensing information from the relevant vaccination commissions, and to draw users back to the service where the deatils of the topics mentioned can be found.

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