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Through its work, the Artificial Intelligence in Work and Society Observatory aims to contribute to making artificial intelligence sustainable and responsible.
To this end, the AI Observatory initiates, supports, accompanies and analyses studies and research projects and, on this basis, develops indicators, scenarios, recommendations and best practices for the responsible use of artificial intelligence. 
AI indicators for the public
The aim of the website was to map the Observatory's work priorities and publish its research findings to enable evidence-based policy for the common good.
On the website it is possible to visualise collected data, also from research institutes and partners, in different ways. For this purpose, interfaces have been set up that allow simple plug and play.
If the data provided changes, regardless of the location, the visualisations on the website are updated automatically. This ensures that users are always up to date on the AI indicators collected.
An explanatory video was produced and integrated into the website to illustrate the topic to the general public in a simple way.
Suggested Global Improvements
The strategic recommendation to use a multi-client system based on TYPO3 for the three projects Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft, KI-Observatorium and Civic Innovation Platform also made it possible to make cross-project, global improvements.

It was therefore advisable to adapt the typeface to the actual needs after the organic growth phase. The initially chosen fonts caused breaks in headlines on mobile devices, which considerably impeded the flow of reading.

To illustrate this, sample pages were designed with alternatives that visualised the effects on concrete content.

more stuff done

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