Info Page about Training in Nursing
"Make a career as a human being!" is the motto of an information campaign of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. The aim: to get young people excited about nursing as a career of the future.
In order to be able to cover the need for skilled workers in care in the future, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has launched the "Care Training Campaign". The Federal Minister for Family Affairs has launched the associated nationwide information and publicity campaign "Make a career as a human being! This accompanies the start of the new nursing training courses under the Nursing Professions Act since the beginning of 2020.
Young Citizens in Focus
All the compiled content was prepared in a user-centred way and packaged in a new visual guise and optimized for mobile devices. The information was sorted according to target groups, making it much easier to navigate through the pages. The focus was on a new web video series that illustrates everyday training and work in nursing for a young target audience. The website was part of a comprehensive multichannel campaign. 
Platform for Victims of Criminal Offences
Becoming a victim of a crime is a very stressful situation. In addition to coping with the crime and its consequences, there are uncertainties: What can and should I do now? Where can I find help? What happens next?
To answer these questions, a nationwide victim protection platform was developed for the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, which was launched in October 2020. It provides information on help and counselling options, financial support services and the criminal proceedings process. Using a counselling centre finder, victims can also quickly find help offers in their vicinity with telephone, online or personal counselling. 
The platform provides special information, for example, for victims of violence in their personal environment and sexualised violence, for victims of crimes in the digital space or for victims of terrorist acts. Contact persons such as the Federal Victims' Commissioner are introduced.
With a help guide, users can quickly and directly find the right support services. Various support services are explained in video and audio interviews as well as illustrated explanatory videos.

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