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German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina required a modular system for the creation of theme dossier websites. Media types such as images, infographics, animations, videos and podcasts were to be integrated prominently and effectively.
The aim was to bring the proliferation of different dossier formats, which had previously been freely integrated via subdomains and did not correspond to the look and feel of the Leopoldina, into a unified, consistently comprehensible and usable format, which can be clearly assigned to the National Academy.
An analysis showed that the existing frontend design system did not make optimal use of the visual space of the output devices. A large-format playout of graphics, videos and animations could not be used. Podcasts were integrated using standard functions and did not match the visual appearance of the Leopoldina. 
The general font sizes were too small and the text hierarchy too undifferentiated to ensure that longer texts were easy to read even on small devices such as smartphones. A clear separation of different dossier chapters could not be achieved with the given resources.
What was done
A one-pager format with its own independent frontend modules was designed that was built on top of the existing TYPO3 backend and optimized for mobile devices. 
The new layout is based on a full responsive 12-column grid. Individual chapters of the dossier page can be accessed via anchor navigation. The required media formats can be integrated natively according to the Leopoldina’s corporate design. A more generous text formatting and hierarchy ensures that the reader’s eyes do not tire quickly. With the recommended use of modules and page layout, it is now possible to offer topics in a multimedia storytelling format.
A low-res prototype was testet with real dossier content before the final production.
German Pension Insurance
With the nationwide initiative Rentenblicker, the German Pension Insurance gives young people the opportunity to look into statutory pension insurance and additional private pension provision at an early stage.
The statutory pension insurance is behind the youth initiative. As an institution under public law, it guarantees a neutral and independent educational offer.
In a mix of information, service and interactivity, young people are taught how the German pension system works and what the statutory pension insurance can already do for them today. Therefore, the focus is on topics such as protection in case of reduced earning capacity, the orphan's pension or rehabilitation. In addition, information is provided about the possibilities of additional old-age provision.
The German Pension Insurance commissioned a concept to update the outdated campaign website. After taking stock, a step-by-step plan was developed to take existing design elements and important content and transfer them into a modern, modular website system that also works on mobile devices.
The concept was part of a multimedia relaunch of the campaign, accompanying print rollouts and the use of social media.

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