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Driving Comfort
Vivracoustic develops excellent customised solutions for powertrain and chassis. These are based on comprehensive expertise, broad product portfolio and understanding of the entire vehicle system in all automotive segments.
The NVH solutions are the basis for a quiet, safe and comfortable ride. They reduce noise and vibrations emanating from the engine and powertrain, as well as from road surfaces, which are transmitted into the vehicle. The result: high ride comfort for passengers.
Setting Aims
For the globally operating NVH expert, a needs analysis was prepared via workshop and the company's offer was recorded in its entirety. The increasingly difficult recruitment of skilled workers and engineers, as well as the image-building and visibility of the „hidden player“ were placed at the centre of the measures. In addition to an easy-to-use interface, the integration of a recruiting tool and the representation of the cultural diversity of the company were defined as objectives.
Users can obtain comprehensive information about the company itself as well as about the wide range of products for cars, trucks and vehicle types of the latest development. The latter includes, for example, autonomous vehicles, as well as hybrid and electric vehicles with their respective specific requirements for components from the field of vibration control technology.

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