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Jetzt Bienen füttern
Everyone can contribute to biodiversity and the protection of bees. For the Beekeepers' Congress 2017, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture launched the "Bee Feeding" campaign. Since then, anyone can create a virtual garden on a Google map on the website and plant it with bee-friendly plants. Owners of these virtual "gardens" take part in a raffle every year, which has bee protection as its theme.
In addition, the site offers extensive information on how everyone can do their part to stop bee mortality and protect the environment.
Hier wächst Wissen!
To accompany a comprehensive print brochure, an online brochure was created for the BMEL's Research Commission, offering further information and detailed statements.
The aim was to illustrate the large scope of research support provided by the Commission and to offer interested stakeholders an overview of the range of research projects funded.

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