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Together it will be AI
Unlike in the scientific and economic field, resources for innovation processes in the field of social technology design are only available selectively. Against this background, the Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft (Digital Working Society Think Tank) in the BMAS is testing with the Civic Innovation Platform (CIP) project how impulses for AI applications that serve societal and social progress can be effectively supported: from the idea to concept development to implementation and transfer.
In doing so, the platform relies on a new form of innovation funding - open and diverse like society. We not only provide financial support, but also focus on networking, collaboration and mutual consultation.
Maintenance and Workflow Improvement
In order to be able to maintain the organically grown project more optimally, it was recommended to transfer the public sector into a joint multi-client system of the think tank Digital Work Society.
In this way, both new module developments and data transfers (e.g. of the newsfeed) can be transferred more easily, which in the long term will tie up fewer resources on the part of both the agency and the client. 
Better Overview and Handling
With organically growing projects, there is always a certain danger that information is not logically structured for the users and deviates from operating habits. For this reason, the publicly accessible information has been improved by removing irrelevant parts for users and making relevant sections more visible.
A reorganisation of the information architecture was necessary to better meet users' concerns. Care was also taken to ensure that targeted innovations on the website could already be advertised in the main navigation.
Strong Focus on Conversion
In order to increase registrations on the platform, an informative dashboard was set up, which transparently communicates the current developments of the platform.
A balance was also found that allows previously unregistered users to inform themselves about the project as much as necessary and at the same time offers an increased incentive to register on the platform.  
Further Recommended Improvements
It was recommended that the internal site area, which was developed by an independent team, be converted into a PWA that allows installation on mobile devices in order to further increase the usage rate.
The mechanics for submitting funding applications and the idea market with matching principle were improved step by step in several iterative loops by the responsible team.
Suggested Global Improvements
The strategic recommendation to use a multi-client system based on TYPO3 for the three projects Denkfabrik Digitale Arbeitsgesellschaft, KI-Observatorium and Civic Innovation Platform also made it possible to make cross-project, global improvements.

It was therefore advisable to adapt the typeface to the actual needs after the organic growth phase. The initially chosen fonts caused breaks in headlines on mobile devices, which considerably impeded the flow of reading.

To illustrate this, sample pages were designed with alternatives that visualised the effects on concrete content.

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